Our designs are interior and exterior more classic and stunning look, decorating familiar designs with most like designs. The fact that hotels are supposed to give people on the road a shelter for a night or two doesn’t mean that they don’t have to be homely & comfortable.

Green maple interiors is an international hotel interior decorators and designers in chennai. Our interior designing services creates originality in the hospitality industries of all types of  hotels and restaraunts. We have adequate skilled professionals who understand the specific needs of our clients and also we offered hotel interior designing services with lower cost and on time execution. Our team is more consious on the outlook of the factors such as luxurious furniture lighting, wall decorations, flooring space and other necessary  items and also we deals with these product materials ranging from high to low to meet all the types of customers. All these types of designing can be customized based on the customers satisfaction so that green maple interiors have been ranked as one of the best interior decorators in chennai.


Creating an exotic milieu in the hospitality industries, our interior designing services are availed by leading hotels and restaurants. While designing the interior of hotel lobbies, our designers keep into mind various factors such as clients’ budget, optimization of flooring space etc and furnish qualitative as well as luxurious furniture, lighting, wall decorations and other essential items, which lend them an eye catching and sumptuous look. Apart from this, we also provide interior designing consultancy services to our clients.


  It’s been said more than once since the recession began that a down economy breeds creativity, born from heightened resourcefulness. On an individual level, this often means more DIY projects and self-directed home improvement. At a corporate level, as people turn to budget options for entertainment and travel, companies that provide low-cost services are finding creative ways to transform the “budget” experience.


Interior Decorators in ChennaiThe impressive interior designing of hotels and restaurant interior design can assist them to attract large numbers of guests. We possess a deep knowledge of hotel and restaurant designing to provide maximum functionality without compromising on aesthetic looks. Our restaurant interior design services add sophistication and charm to reception room, cafe, swimming pools, bars, discotheques, entertainment zones and many other areas. While jazzing up the interior of these restaurants, we keep in mind color shades, false ceiling, flooring, lighting and other various factors.

Entertainment Room

CafesIf you are looking for special design solutions for your café, Marchi Interior Design is the answer. With us you will create a comfortable and functional pub, rich of elegance and uniqueness. Our company offers you a complete consulting service concerning the best materials to use and the latest performative solutions. Our well-trained staff is always there to elaborate for you a customized, original and charming plan for your spaces. Surround your clients with a harmonic atmosphere of colours, shapes and lights.


Infusing the feelings of intoxication and joy in the surrounding, our interior design make the night clubs favorite spots of today’s youth. Color-changing ceiling, suspended glass, winking lighting, melodious sound, each item is in the mind of our veteran designers. Conception of bars, discotheque, DJ music and other areas is also put close attention to provide them a funky, cool and chic look as per the choices of clients. Further, knowledge of all health, safety & fire regulations assist the clients to a large extent.


Resorts and villas are renowned for offering celebrities and wealthy globe-trotters trendy and abundant facilities for rest, recreation and fine wining & dining. A lavish resort can be anything – a hill resort, beach resort, and water resort – anywhere with breathtaking views of natural scenic beauties. A lavish resort includes vast tracts of lands – sometimes as big as a whole village size – often as large as 1500-2000 acres. Most of resort interiors are amply furnished with a number of facilities like land and water sports, entertainment centers, spa & fitness/health facilities, gardens and parks, conference halls and other business services, multiple restaurants offering various specialty cuisines, coffee bars and shopping centers. Restaurant designs often recreate local legends as scenic back drop, with hotel decorating done with local handicraft items and local land/nautical curios.

Fitness Studio

A fitness studio is a place where people go to to excercise, for recreation and also to reduce their stress levels. Needless to say the environment of a fitness center should be conducive to its user’s objectives.

One of the important aspects of setting up a fitness center is its design, and by design we don’t just mean how tha available space is utilized and equipment is laid out. The aesthetics of a gym plays an imporatnt role in attracting and retaining clientele.

Ball Room

Our team of best luxury interior designers have fresh concepts and a broader approach to outside the box ideas. each stage of your salon design will be managed carefully. Be it, space planning, designer fixtures, artwork, over all theme or installation. We understand that a spa needs to be tech powered, tranquil and exquisite. we take customer’s idea, budget and space into account to produce a marvellous spa that will bring you praise and profit.